The Leftists are Coming!

We are seeing Multiple Dem’s running as Republicans

Boys in Girls restrooms promoted here in the Flathead. We Present Proof of the Scams!

This election cycle presents itself with deception. Jack Fallon has lead the charge of bringing gender identity and expression into our Kalispell School districts written policy. Jack Fallon has been a promoter of gender identity as the chairman of the Committee on the Kalispell school board that promoted the policy change that promotes and opens the door to the allowance of boys in the girls’ bathrooms and boys playing in girls sports.

Having been a leader in gender promotion in our schools, Jack now claims to be a conservative Republican, running for commissioner. I am sorry Mr. Jack Fallon we in the Flathead firmly believe in the protection of the rights of our women of all ages from those who would promote Gender identity. True conservatives realize that women’s rights need to be guarded and that the promotion of protecting those who seem to chose to be something they are not leads to the violation of true women’s rights and privacy!

These truths are not to be taken lightly. Below are copies of the Flathead Beacon article pointing out Mr. Fallon’s position of authority in the process.

Also attached are copies of the meeting minutes of the board using a technicality of a consensus agenda to avoid having board members voting and identifying themselves as supporting the egregious changes. Feedback from the community was largely ignored and the changes were passed against the majority of input. And reading some of the input by radical groups shows that they understand such policy leads to boys in girls restrooms and girls sports!

We would further state that Kalispell, the Flathead and Montana must not vote for candidates that have little regard for the values of our communities!  

Flathead Beacon Article

Shows the leadership position of Fallon in the gender identity!

Kalispell School Board
July 14, 2015 Minutes

Shows the admission by Fallon and the objections by others!

Kalispell School Board
8-11-2015 Minutes & agenda

More verification of Fallons position and the comments by audience

Charging after Truth is Freedom

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